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Hi Tammy,

We are having such a great time with Auggie! She really is a wonderful puppy, and has been very well-mannered. We’ve had a couple of pee-pee accidents in the house, but that was our fault for not taking her out when she needed to go. Usually, once she’s on the grass, she pees!

The first night she slept well, woke up once, second night a little harder, but last night she didn’t cry at all and didn’t wet in her crate. She does really well in the crate, with hardly even any whimpering. Once she sees that she has to be in there, she’ll give a little cry to see if we’ll let her out, then she crashes!

I’m sending some of her photos we took yesterday—she’s very photogenic! She follows me around everywhere, and loves to curl up on my lap (which I’m enjoying while she’s small enough to do it!)

Just wanted to give you an update, and pictures. Hope “new Taboo” does well. I couldn’t be happier than I am with my little Auggie girl! Also, just to let you know, I registered her with AKC today, and she is officially “Monarch’s Augusta Queen”.


P & K

(Bindi x Woody Litter)


Hi there. Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say Hi. Lily is doing wonderful. She is just beautiful and we love her to death. Always in mischief. She loves to attack my raspberries and the other day she decided she needed to join me in the hot tub. That was just lovely!! I really need to get her down to the river more :) She loves water.

Well I hope all is well with you!

Talk to you soon.



Hi Tammy,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Whitney. She continues to be very sweet & very calm. She does not have any annoying habits. Any time I have needed to correct her behavior it has only needed once to be told. Whitney does not search out stinky stuff to eat or roll in while at the beach. She loves going to & playing in the water at the beach. Yet she is not as obsessed with retrieving like my 8yr old.

Good luck with your new litter of pups,


Hi Tammy,

Maybe got spayed today (poor thing is acting like she’s drunk!)

She's also graduating from her beginner training on Saturday so let me know what you need for documentation from that. I think they give her some sort of certificate so if that's OK I'll just send you that. I'm pretty sure we are going to continue on to intermediate training anyway so just let me know what you need to see.

She's doing so great. We love her. We've been taking her down the street to the river where she loves to swim to retrieve her fake duck toy over and over until we are more tired of throwing it than she is of swimming. I attached a pic of her on a recent hike-anything more Texas that a soaking wet dog in a field of Bluebonnets?

I hope all is well with you,



Hi Tammy and Craig,

Just wanted to send you some photos of Journey's first week.

She is doing great!

She is eating well and seems to be growing like crazy!

She has adjusted very well! I have to tell you that she has totally taken after her mommy Bindi! She will bring every toy she can find to her little bed. At some point during the day she gets them all out, but then she eventually puts them back near her!

Dakota (the lab) is putting up with her amazingly well. She just had one growl when Journey nipped her ears a little too hard during play time! But Journey follows her and does whatever Dakota does. If Dakota trots over to the kiddie pool to get a drink, Journey will follow. If Dakota comes to the back door so will Journey. It is very cute!

Tex is also doing pretty good with her too. We still keep them separate though just to be safe

Journey is enamored with our kitty too. The cat tolerates her well (I think only because they are about the same size!) Last weekend Journey decided to try a nibble on her tail while it was twitching---! Luckily she didn't get anything but fur, but I saw it and that put an end to that for now!

Anyway, here are some photos for you!


Cheryl and Dave

PS: She is hard to photograph unless she is relaxed as she is always on the go!

We'll try to take a little video and send it soon!


Hey Tammy,

Rofku is doing great. Been going to obedience class, the park and everywhere. He will have his obedience certificate soon. I have received many compliments on his good looks and temperament. He is a real sweetheart. Thanks for a great dog.

David R.

(Ferris x Twitch)

Hey! We are very proud of Jade, she is very well behaved and has proved to be just as good at hunting as my old dog was at 7 years! She is a great friend too! I have a picture to send to you, what is your email address? Have a Merry Christmas!



Hi Tammy

I just wanted to give you the rundown of what we have been up to since Friday! On our way back we stopped at some rest areas and she was already playing and running within the first 2 hours we left the airport! So she handled the flight well. We did that a couple more times with the horse and her and they both had an audience!!!

So far, we got up Saturday and had to go get hay. She got to go visit the river and walked right in 3 times and loved it.

Did the same on Sunday. She got to sit in the pickup and thought that was right where she belonged.

Then yesterday she went to work with the hubby for part of the day and it started raining she was not sure what that was. Then off to go ride with the kids and me. She ran her toosh off in the arena.

She has had 2 baths. And already going to the door when she has to potty. She is already fetching the "bird" and bringing it back and every time she does she sits down. We are so happy! We sent off her reg. and the microchip reg. I have called the vet and made her an appt.

So once again thanks so very much, we are all in love with her

We will keep in touch



Hi Tammy and Craig,

I thought you would enjoy a few pictures of Rook.

We love him so much!!!

Happy Halloween!


DOB: 12/07/2010

(Ferris x Bindi Litter)

Hey Tammy,

Ted here and I have completed my six week puppy one course!! I already know how to sit, lie down, play dead and sometimes stay. Life is good and I love to swim! I have gone through my first bag of dog food and am gaining roughly 2lbs per week. I hope your week is going well.



(Twitch x Woody litter, 2013)

"Trooper" Tammy this little guy is smart. I cannot believe all the commands he is responding to at 11 weeks. And the steadiness he is showing for a pup is great. He's going to be a good dog. Again, thanks for your input and dedication to good breeding standards.


(Hacker x Rain litter, 2014)


I know it has been three years; however I thought you would like to see what a handsome boy Naz has grown to be.  We love him, his personality is as beautiful as he is.  Thank you for being a responsible breeder and sharing these beautiful dogs.



Tammy and Craig,


Thank you so much for bringing our new Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy Rockwell into our lives.  He has been such a good boy and has fit right in with the rest of the Krane family.  Working with you throughout the entire process was such a pleasure.  All of our questions were answered very promptly and everything was very straight forward.  Rockwell is such a good boy and we can’t even imagine not having him around.  He has brought such joy to this Christmas Season.  I can’t express how grateful we are to you for the quality of the puppy we received to the professionalism you have shown.  5 stars for Monarch’s for sure.  We will definitely send pictures as our new boy grows up!


Regards and Merry Christmas,


Gregory Krane and Family

(Swayze x Goliath litter 2018)


Here is Monarch's Cajun Cane "Cane" dove hunting. Thank you for a for sure great pup!!!

Annette W.
(Swayze & Goliath 2018)


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